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How to update your LinkedIn profile to get results

5 tips to spring clean your personal profile

Like most of you reading this, LinkedIn has played a vital role in helping me grow my network and generate more leads as a business owner. But how do we make sure our personal LinkedIn profiles are where they need to be?

I sat down with our Digital Marketing Guru, Alex for a quick LinkedIn spring clean. Here are her five tips.

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1. Edit your profile headline so it’s mobile-friendly

Your profile headline is by far the most important text on your LinkedIn profile. Only the first 40 characters are visible on the mobile app, so make sure that those 40 characters give a full snapshot of what you do and don’t end mid-sentence.

You can still write beyond the 40 characters to give more information, but the goal is for the initial copy to intrigue potential clients enough to check out your profile on desktop, to find out more.

2. Turn on Follow-first mode

Not all your potential clients will be ready to make a connection with you on LinkedIn, so to make sure you appear on their newsfeed and stay in their mind’s eye, turn on follow first-mode.

Follow-first mode switches the primary button on your profile from ‘connect’ to ‘follow’. To turn it on simply go to > slide the button to yes.

3. Add LinkedIn recommendations to your client process.

We don’t need to tell you that personal recommendations make an enormous difference to the credibility of your work, but so often they drop down your to-do list.

An easy way to collect recommendations on LinkedIn is to include a direct link in your email footer or invoice to your personal recommendations page.

To find the link go to your LinkedIn personal profile > add detail/recommendation/write to your URL.

4. Structure your posts well

The real value of LinkedIn is how easy it is to position yourself as an expert in your field. Keep your posts short, only use a couple of sentences per paragraph and limit your hashtags to three.

  • Make lists to convey information in smaller chunks

  • If you use video create it in LinkedIn (the algorithm will favour you)

  • Don’t forget to caption your video for accessibility & to cater to those with their sound off

5. Comment more than you post

As will any social media platform engagement is everything. Comment 5 times more than you post and you’ll start to see your profile views increase as well as your followers!

Need a new company social media policy that matches the new WFH reality? Get in touch.

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